How Apple MAY fix #bendgate 4

Ok, the new iPhone 6 Plus has some bend issues. You should know that if you didn’t lived in a bubble for the last couple of days. That’s a fact. Apple, as usual, is trying to manage this as: “It’s not a big deal” (here). Exactly as the #antennagate of the iPhone 4. (side note: [...]



Small personal pride 0

It’s almost a year that I do not have the time to write to my own blog. I started to write 2 more articles I didn’t had the time to finish.. And looking to my commitments I’d say that I’m still in that situation but today I make a discover that I’d like to share [...]

Innovation starts by the young people 0

Be honest, did you know that Albert Einstein formulated the “theory of relativity” and the famous e=mc2 formula at the age of 25 ? I guess you did not. Hey, don’t be afraid, you are in good company. We are accustomed to see Albert Einstein as an old wrinkled man with long white hairs while [...]

Albert Einstein 25


10 rules for a healthy business 0

I tried to summarise 10 simple rules that every business should follow. It’s not important the size of your business, if it’s a 2 people, 10’000 employee company or a government. If you’d like to have a long lasting healthy business you should follow the next 10 basic rules. So, let’s start: The whole in [...]

The faster horses 0

Since young I have always been fascinated by an Henry Ford’s sentence. Henry Ford was the founder of Ford Motor Company, he was the first that made available automobiles to Amerincan’s middle class. “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” ― Henry Ford I had this sentence in [...]



Three truths that make the difference 0

I’d like to share with you three truths that are making the difference in my life and I’m sure that will make the difference in your life too. Few years ago I started asking myself what is the difference between people that reach success and people that simply don’t. Are they more intelligent? more braves? [...]

Freedom 0

Freedom, it’s one of the most important and powerful words. I start my blog with this post about freedom because freedom is a feeling that everyone of us deserve to have. Freedom has one exact meaning but everyone has its own concept of freedom. It’s something personal. Something that is worth fighting for. Many battles [...]